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VRGH - Arcade

Packages and pricing

Packages and pricing
VR Gamehouse offers VR packages for gamers and non-gamers, for small and large groups, and for young and old. View the options here.
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VR Racing gives you the feeling that you are a Formula 1 driver. Make yourself comfortable on the driver's seat.

Latest VR racing games
Different circuits
Multiplayer or single player
Vending machine or shifting car
Rides for beginners or experienced players
Step into the virtual world of fantasy and defend your village together. Theme: Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings

Complete challenges
Solve puzzles
Discover fantasy worlds
Travel around the world with Google Earth tours. As you fly around the earth, navigate to your destination.

360 degree view
Unlimited city trips
Visit dream locations
Imagine walking together in a zombie-infected world. You have to managed to survive one mission together.
Explore worlds
Search for ammunition
Solving puzzles
Survival of the fittest

Gear up and prepare for an amazing battle. Play as a command team or as a futuristic cyborg or ninja.

Single / Multiplayer
Futuristic weapons
Great battlefields
Choose your character
Dive into the vibrant underwater world and swim with the dolphins, whales and the great white shark.
Different oceans
Diving without getting wet
Become part of the underwater world
Always wanted to fly around like Superman? Can you save the city? Feel completely free and fly through NYC.

Fly through NYC
Save the city
Free as a bird
And much more
Met twee lightsabers slice je op de beat van jouw favourite music. Ontwijk obstakels terwijl je swingt met je heupen.
Leuk voor iedereen
Verschillende Music Tracks

Face your fears
You are in Manhattan, New York. You step into the elevator to the top of a Skyscraper. The elevator doors open, there is a shelf. Do you dare?
Mixed Reality
MindBlowing Experience
Face your fears

- Birthday party from 7 years
- Nice day out with the family
- Father's or Mother's Day gift
- A fun outing during the holidays
On location
- High-end VR Entertainment at your location.
- 30 - 999 people.
- Endless possibilities
- A Unique company outing
- Teambuilding & Competition
- Mix of games & experiences (fun 4 everyone)
- Experience it together (multiplayer)
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Visit our NEW location "VR Gamehouse Arena" in Amsterdam West (near Sloterdijk).

Walk around freely in our 200 m2 Free Roam VR arena. Heavy duty guns with lifelike recoil. The first Full Body Free Roam VR experience in the Netherlands.